Interview — Barcelona and Amsterdam are world-leading “smart cities” says Jason Pomeroy

Western cities have done a better job of integrating technology into their infrastructure than the new wave of Asian smart cities, according to architect and television presenter Jason Pomeroy. Singapore-based Pomeroy, the architect behind Asia’s first zero-carbon house, claims that Barcelona and Amsterdam are far more successful examples of a smart city than places like Songdo, the new hi-tech satellite city in South Korea. “They have […]


Commentaries – Will vertical forests and smart street lights really save the planet?

Museum of London By 2050, some 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities. How will we cope? This maddeningly random show weighs up some inspired solutions Can something as messy and complex as the issues surrounding mass global urbanisation be squeezed into a popular exhibition? It is a challenge Ricky Burdett attempted […]