Study Case: Jakarta NMT Vision & Design Guideline

In early 2017,  ITDP Indonesia starts to work closely with Public Works Agency (Dinas Bina Marga) DKI Jakarta to upgrade NMT facilities in Jakarta. The office asked ITDP to assist and delivering suggestions and advice about the project. The project itself has begun and now entering construction phase. ITDP Indonesia specifically assisting the Dinas Bina Marga team project placing the street furniture such as wayfinding, totem, greenways, bike lane, utilities and more based on the design in Jatinegara area.

As part of the assistance for Dinas Bina Marga DKI Jakarta, ITDP Indonesia composed “Jakarta NMT Vision & Design Guideline”. The first draft has successfully delivered to the authorities and it will be the first stage of recommendation for Jakarta’s NMT project for the next 5 years (2017-2022). Included in the guideline, the results of #PedestrianFirst Campaign with Qlue during Orderly Sidewalk Month in August – September 2017 that serves as a supporting data for prioritizing plans in this book


Download the report here:

Research Report (English)



This report is re-published by the courtesy of ITDP Indonesia